One Click Update Favorites and Deletes

Since we launched Simple In/Out about 11 months ago, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from our users.  These great ideas have led to some popular new features, like Reports, Full Screen Mode and CSV Export.  Keep that feedback coming! But to this day, our number one requested feature by far has been for a way to manage One Click Updates.  For those not familiar, One Click Updates allow users to reuse their last 9 unique status updates.  This is a handy feature on iOS, Android and the website for things like “At Lunch” and “Working Hard”.  This morning, this feature looked like this:

 This works well and requires no user setup or management, making it a simple solution right in our wheelhouse.  But, some of our users want to spend time curating their list of One Click Updates.  They want to remove the ones they know they’ll never use again instead of staring at them until they fall off the list organically. We’ve listened and more importantly, we’ve put on our thinking caps .  How can we allow our users to curate the list without requiring our users to curate the list?  The solution eluded us for a while, but I think our answer tonight will make our users very happy. First, we’re introducing One Click Update Delete.  Now, you can remove those updates you know you won’t use again.  This can be done with a swipe on our iOS and Android app and a couple of clicks on the web app.  For users that want to eliminate those one-time status updates, you now have an option. But we didn’t stop there.  We’re also introducing Favorites.  With Favorites, you can choose One Click Updates that you always want to remain on your list, no matter if you use them often or not.  By touching the star on our iOS/Android app or a couple clicks on the website, you can guarantee a One Click Status is always available. For users who don’t want to curate their One Click Update list, the system works the same now as it did yesterday.  While any status favorites will never leave your list, all the other statuses will be added and fall off the list organically just as they always have.  We’ve even brought the number to a round 10 One Click Updates instead of the cryptic 9. Now, on the website at least, here’s what you’ll see with a few favorite One Click Updates:

 This is available right now for the website and our Android users.  For our iOS customers, Apple has the update in review and it should be out in a day or two.