Reports Have Landed in Simple In/Out

Today, we’re happy to announce that reports have been added to Simple In/Out!  This was a very popular request from our users, so this will certainly make a lot of people happy. In the upper-right hand corner is the new Reports link, which we had room for because of our settings simplification.  Once you click on this, you’ll be presented with the Company Time Report.

 The Company Time Report lists all of your users and their last status changed time.  On the right is the timespan options, which default to last week.  You can select any timespan as long as it doesn’t exceed 31 days. After you click Run Report, the report generates immediately.  The total time is presented as well as a breakdown of the total time of each individual day.  If you hover over the day, the date will appear. We’re not done, next up is a CSV export for our report data for users to take into Excel, OpenOffice, etc.  If you have any other feedback or report ideas, let us know.