We’ve Simplified Our Settings

Today, we’ve shipped an update to Simple In/Out’s web app to simplify our settings and streamline our interface even further.  The changes are minor, but they are necessary to eliminate some of the clutter and make way for some new things we’re working on. So what changed?  Our goal was to clean up the top menu, which for administrators was getting awfully crowded.  Previously, if you had admin capabilities, you’d have seen Company Settings, Add User, GeoFences, Settings (for personal info) and the Sign Out link.

We’ve reduced it now to this:

Where did Company Settings and Add User go?  We’ve now consolidated the Company Settings and the personal settings into one main Settings page.  If you have admin privileges, your Settings page will have a menu on the top, like this:

We’ve also reorganized the Settings pages to make them a bit easier to digest. As for the Add User function, we’ve moved that right next to the list to make it more obvious.  Also, we’ve added icons to our Update and Add User function to make them stand out even further.  Like so:

I hope everyone likes the subtle changes to make Simple In/Out even easier to configure and use.