Changes to Simple In/Out

Hello, We really hope everyone is enjoying Simple In/Out as much as we’re enjoying developing it. This product means everything to us, and we want to thank everyone for their support. This has been a really great 10 months.

So, why the blog post? Well, the time has come for us to begin charging for Simple In/Out. The costs to keep this app running combined with our desire for loose change has led us to this point. We firmly believe that Simple In/Out, with its first-in-class features like GeoFencing, is certainly a product worth paying for. And, we’ve priced Simple In/Out wonderfully low.

  • Free (up to 3 users)… Free
  • Startup (up to 10 users)… $5
  • Small Business (up to 25 users)… $10
  • Corporate (up to 50 users)… $15
  • Unlimited (up to 1000 users)… $20

As you can see, we’ve kept our word to be super affordable. We’ve also maintained a free plan to allow small groups like ours to continue using Simple In/Out. We love helping small businesses.

Since many of our users have been with us for the first 10 months of our app, we’re going to grandfather all existing users in! As long as our existing customers don’t add or remove any of their users, they can continue to use Simple In/Out just as they do now for free. When they do need to expand or contract, we’d ask at that time for the user to choose a plan that meets their needs. If any users really want to help us out, they can modify their plan on the Company page and choose to begin paying us anytime they wish. We’d sure appreciate it if users find this valuable enough to help us keep the servers running.

We’re three guys who like building apps. Thanks again to everyone for using our favorite app and for everyone’s understanding. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to email us any time.