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Simple In/Out

Simple In/Out is the best digital in/out board. Our dead-simple interface employs Geofences & Beacons to automatically update your status.


Simple In/Out for your reception area, now available for the iPad & Android tablets.

Simple In/Out TV

Hands down, the most stunning way to display your Simple In/Out board to the world at large using Android TV.

Project: Bethpage

Our latest project, still in development.

Our Story

We're Simply Made Apps, founded by a couple of guys who spent our free time drinking beer, playing golf and coding awesome projects. We believe in making products that are drop-dead easy to use. Instead of delivering 300 features, we prefer to deliver 10 features that are obvious and useful. Simple is in our DNA.

Our startup story is a classic example of American endeavor. One of us personally had a problem with the in/out software we used at our day job and joked that "we could write a better app in a weekend". After chewing on this boast for a while, the idea was pitched over beers and Simply Made Apps was born. We locked ourselves away for 48 hours, drank more coffee than we care to remember, watched an entire season of Futurama and built the prototype for what would become Simple In/Out. We now have a successful app used by thousands of organizatons around the globe, enough money to open an office in the heart of downtown Fargo, and pride in our rock-solid customer service. Our business together is where our passion for making elegant products gets to shine.

While we love building great apps for ourselves, we occassionally indulge in web and iOS/Android consulting. Please contact us if you'd like to work together.

Our Team

Proudly based on Fargo, North Dakota. It's cold here, you know, a lot.

Bill Burgess

Founder, iOS Developer


Brandon Medenwald

Founder, Web Developer


Randall Fish

Senior Software Architect


Stephen Ruda

Android Developer

Mara Paulson

Senior Designer



Marketing Intern

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problems and have fun doing it. If that's you, let us know.

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We sometimes do consulting work. Contact us, we'd love to work with you.

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